The introduction of Keenon service robot

It is fierce about this new round of the epidemic , we must have a high degree of attention and vigilance.Therefore, service robots that have achieved excellent results in last anti-epidemic are set with high expectation again. 


Delivery Robot: non-contact and more reassuring

Recently, the temperature have dropped dramatically across the country.And in terms of catering, hot pot and barbecue are popular with consumers, leading to serious alleles and queuing. The emergence of delivery robots can not only realize the demand of no contacting , but also improve service efficiency, which is a new service tool to replace labor force.


Disinfection Robot:to protect our health

Near the end of the year, the stream of people presented a "super-saturated" state in various stations and scenic spots. It will be impossible to provide quality and quantity of disinfection services for travel personnel if only relying on existing staffs.Thus,the emergence of disinfected robots with mobile robot platform as the carrier, reduce staffs’  burden. Completely solve the problem of human disinfection costs much time and energy, can not quantify the disinfection time and  disinfectant’s amount accurately, as well as can not guarantee the disinfection quality and cause occupational injury easily.


Hotel Robot:super intelligence

At present, the hotel robots can not only greet guests and check-in, but also provide customers with information query, inside the hotel, but also help customers deliver small items, enhancing convenience and protecting user privacy.It is different from the delivery robot, due to face the challenge of application scene and have to take  the elevator autonomously while deliver items. So far,the solutions of these challenges in the industry have established perfectly and have been tested many times in field scenarios.


Guiding Robot: the navigation master

For the mall, the lovely guiding robot can not only play a guiding role, but also make the advertising reach and coverage wider, bring more customer flow for the shop or one product in the mall, improving the ability of accurate customer acquisition.For customers,it is a mobile "staff", in addition to interactive marketing, but also to bring users a better shopping experience.

All of the above are real conveniences that service robots can bring to the surrounding industries in the epidemic prevention and control stage.In fact, not only during the epidemic prevention period, with the progress of service robot technology and the trend of low cost, service robot will achieve large-scale popularization in the future, so that people can enjoy the new scene of intelligent service provided by robots easily!