Keenon Robotics enters Melbourne, Australia to create Intelligent catering

Recently, a high-tech robot waiter is delivering food in the Tan Hot Pot restaurant on Burke Street, Melbourne, Australia. It has attracted a large number of Australian food lovers to check in.


That's right, this robot is from Keenon Robotics, the leading brand of food service robots in the world. It can not only deliver food to customers, but also collect dirty dishes after the meal, and bring more customer traffic to the restaurant.

The entry of Keenon food delivery robot has attracted a lot of attention from Melbourne citizens. During the pandemic, the robots provide contactless service which can minimize risks, ensure the restaurant’s daily operation and food safety. At the same time, dispel customer concerns, allowing customers to enter the restaurant with peace of mind. This is an innovative idea for catering operations under the epidemic. On the other hand, robot waiters only focus on one thing, which is delivering food, while human waiters can truly focus on hospitality. Therefore, consumers' dining experience has been greatly improved.

Through the robot UI touch screen, the back kitchen can easily select multiple tables to serve meals. When the robot comes by, the robot will provide voice guidance to let customers know that food is delivered. Servers take the meals off its trays and give them to customers. Tap the small head of the robot and it will immediately go to the next table. In addition, the food delivery robot can also be used for table bussing. Servers remove the dirty dishes from tables and place them on the robot's trays for a trip back to the dishwasher.

Keenon food delivery robot is equipped with industry-leading full autonomous positioning and navigation technology that is independently developed by Keenon Robotics. It can achieve long-term stable and reliable operation in complex environments. The excellent obstacle avoidance function enables the robot to perfectly avoid people and obstacles while running. The running speed can be adjusted at will.

At present, in addition to Tan Hot Pot, Keenon food delivery robot also cooperates with famous domestic and overseas catering brands such as Haidilao, Yun Nans, Emei Restaurant, Guangzhou Restaurant, Shenxian Hot Pot, Spacelab weightless restaurant, etc. It provides customers with a contactless, high efficient, and more stable robot delivery service, to ensure the health and safety of customers. We will help the catering industry do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

The concept of science and technology in the catering industry is gradually improving, and the support of science and technology to the catering industry is also continuously strengthening. In the field of catering services, intelligent business models such as food delivery robots and fully self-service unmanned restaurants will be more common. China Intelligent Manufacturing is bringing new ideas for the intelligent upgrading of the global catering industry. Keenon Robotics will also let the world see the new strength of China’s Intelligent Manufacturing.