South Korea's economic news reported | Keenon Robotics opens the golden age of service robots

With the continuous rise of artificial intelligence, the growth momentum of the robotics industry is very strong, and the outstanding market performance of Keenon Robotics has attracted the attention of many mainstream media in South Korea.


The experience accumulated by market pioneers is the most valuable. As one of the first start-up enterprises in the service robot industry, Keenon Robotics takes independent technological innovation as its core competitiveness, rapid response as its service concept, brand, product research and development, and sales as its development motivation. With 11 years of experience in the intelligent service robot industry, Keenon Robotics has competitive advantages in core technology, supply chain, and multi-scenario application landing.



In order to better adapt to the use of different scenarios. Keenon Robotics can schedule multiple machines to run at the same time. It realizes multi-machine collaboration, improves efficiency, and optimizes human resources.


During the epidemic, Keenon Robotics fulfilled its corporate social responsibility and actively participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Autonomous delivery robots have been sent to multiple several high-incidence areas and have penetrated into intensive care units and isolation areas across the country. Due to its contributions during the epidemic, Keenon Robotics has been reported by various authoritative media in China and abroad many times. It has attracted wide attention from society. In the post-epidemic era, the commercialization of food delivery robots has accelerated. In 2017, its market size was tens of millions, but by 2020, it grew exponentially. By the end of 2020, the market size of food delivery robots in China has reached 1.16 billion units, and some institutions predict that it will be close to 15 billion units in 2025. It can be said that after the epidemic has eased, food delivery robots would still be popular. As a pioneer in seizing this blue ocean market, Keenon Robotics is still expanding and growing and is developing towards the direction of an industry giant.


Keenon Robotics focuses on customer needs. Through years of technical advantages in the field of the indoor autonomous robot as well as the company's many years of experience in catering customers operation, Keenon Robotics has gradually gone global. It entered the United States, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and more than 60 overseas countries and regions; relying on advanced intelligent robot mobile technology and multi-scenario commercial experience, Keenon Robotics has become one of the national service robot safety standards formulation companies. In the next step, Keenon Robotics will expand its business to more scenarios, and use more service robots to provide intelligent solutions.