MSMR Karaoke Restaurant in Florida loves our robot waiters

Affected by the epidemic, many people have chosen to order takeouts at home. This puts many restaurants under great threat. MSMR restaurant in Florida recently stationed several Keenon autonomous food delivery robots to help the restaurant better serve its customers.


The three robots at the restaurant have different responsibilities, including greeting and guiding customers and providing contactless meal delivery.





After the customer orders the food, the robot will wait at the door of the kitchen. The chef will put the dishes into the robots tray, and the robot will immediately go to the customers table. The excellent load-bearing capacity can carry the food on the entire table at once. It greatly saves the waiting time of customers.


Under the impact of the epidemic, safe dining is not only the internal food safety control of catering enterprises but also the safety problems in the dining process that need to be addressed. The epidemic has done "safety intensive training" for all consumers. The food and beverage industry should first take timely safety and health measures to improve consumers' sense of peace of mind, so as to usher in the recovery of food and beverage consumption as soon as possible.


The robot food delivery service realizes the non-contact service that does not directly contact the customer and the restaurant staff. It has a very positive effect on preventing coronavirus infection. After the customer orders the food through the QR code, the food delivery robot will deliver dishes to the right table. There is a payment code for checkout, which implements a contactless aspect in the entire service process.


The soft and cute shape of the robot, intelligent and interesting technology has attracted many customers. When customers come to MSMR restaurant, they often take photos with the robot and post them on various social platforms, which increases the exposure of the restaurant and brings more customer flow to the restaurant.


The robot "contact-free" delivery service, on one hand, accelerated the pace of the restaurant industry's resumption of work and helped to relieve the short-term operating pressure of restaurants. On the other hand, it enriched the choices of consumers and won the trust of consumers through more reassuring robot delivery.