​Keenon Robotics Reveals Innovative Restaurant Robotics Products and Solutions at FOODtech Japan 2021

Tokyo, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd (Keenon), a leading global commercial service robotics company, has revealed its full product line of restaurant service robots demonstrating its innovative robotics products and solutions at FOODtech Japan 2021, a Business to Business (B2B) exhibition specializing in food factory, restaurant and kitchen automation technologies running from Oct 13-15, 2021.


Keenon displayed its entire product line of commercial service robots that are equipped with cutting-edge automatic positioning and navigation technology at FOODtech Japan 2021. Their newly introduced products present innovative robotics solutions that allow high accuracy indoor positioning and in-depth obstacle avoidance, which guarantee flexible mobility even in dynamic commercial environments.


“We are thrilled to introduce our products and communicate at FOODtech Japan 2021. As a global technology company, Keenon sees Japan as one of our most essential markets,” said Murakami Matsuo, regional Sales Director for Japan. “Keenon is aimed at offering our customers the most stable, efficient and practical robotics products. Our robots come with different features, from lightweight to high capacity or from open design to fully sealed, making them suitable for all types of restaurants ranging from sushi houses, BBQ restaurants, and Ramen joints. We are seeking to collaborate with more local stakeholders to better serve the Japanese market.”



Keenon has already cemented its leadership in the intelligent robotics industry across China and built strong partnerships with several well-known chains of restaurants including Haidilao Hotpot, XiabuXiabu, and Spacelab. Keenon is committed to empowering the hospitality sector with advanced AI-enabled robotics solutions in order to reduce labor costs and augment the productivity and efficiency of food delivery service.  


Since COVID-19 hit the headlines, intelligent service robots have been more widely embraced by the service industry to overcome restrictions the virus has imposed. Besides offering reliable contactless food delivery, Keenon’s restaurant service robots are able to collaborate with multiple robots to complete distribution tasks efficiently and safely, and unlike humans, can work full 24-hour shifts without needing any refills and then automatically charge themselves when the battery is low to ensure minimum maintenance by humans.


In September 2020,  Keenon Robotics announced a global partnership with SoftBank Robotics Group (SBRG), a worldwide leader in robotics solutions and jointly launched the latest service robot, Keenbot. This robot, developed by Keenon, is armed with the company’s AI capabilities and powered by SoftBank’s advanced cloud computing infrastructure. The Keenbot first appeared in stores across Singapore and Japan, and has been deployed to Cloud Kitchens and the food delivery services of Grab, a Singapore based tech company and one of Southeast Asia’s most valued startups that houses more than 20 food and beverage brands. Along with Keenbot, other Keenon service robots were also displayed in FOODtech Japan 2021.   


About Keenon Robotics:

Founded in 2010, Keenon is committed to using AI technology to empower surrounding life. It is the world's leading commercial service robot company. With stable, efficient and practical commercial service robots as the business core, the company offers intelligent solutions for various scenarios including restaurants, hotels and hospitals to free people from repetitive and tedious workflows. Keenon robots have been deployed in more than 60+ countries, serving over 10,000 customers worldwide.