KEENON Robotics, Official Sponsor of RC Show 2023, Exhibits Advanced Service Robots and Debuts New Arrivals

KEENON Robotics ("KEENON"), a leading global manufacturer of commercial service robots, exhibited its full lineup of products and solutions at RC Show 2023, the preeminent foodservice & hospitality expo of Canada. KEENON showcased robots designed for a number of scenarios, including restaurants, hotels, retails, and retirement homes, and debuted two new robots.


This is the second time KEENON has participated in the show. The new KEENON releases of Dinerbot T-Max and T5 Pro are ideal for fine dining, and are equipped with 3D vision sensors, tray detectors, attractive LED lighting, a HD touchscreen, shock-absorbing chassis, and is available with thoughtful design features, such as a floating tray and a range of aural notifications. As part of the showcase, KEENON sponsored five robots to provide on-site service and support at the show – three Guiderbot G2 robots were stationed at the registration area and entrance to provide information and guidance for people and two Dinerbot T8 robots served snacks and drinks at Restaurants Canada’s booth and VIP lounge. The excellent performance of the robots attracted much attention and received positive feedback from attendees.

KEENON Robotics has joined with E-Pro Bot, its Canada national distributor partner, to host the show this year. Greg Staley, General Manager of E-Pro Bot, said that the RC Show offers a great opportunity to meet franchise and individual restaurant owners, senior living representatives, and hotel management, to help them learn about new innovations that can help alleviate the big issue of labor shortages in Canada. “Our program goes beyond offering the right robotic solution to help with specific needs, as we also provide consulting support to show our clients how to drive new revenue potential. KEENON truly does have the best selection of robots in the Canadian market.”

Felix Yang, Founder of Advantics, was a KEENON customer as a franchise restaurant owner. “Robots helped my restaurant with staffing challenges and saved me up to 20% on my labor cost. I saw great potential in this fast-growing industry, that’s why I later decided to be a KEENON distributor. With the seamless support from KEENON and E-Pro Bot, we are confident about bringing real artificial intelligence to more scenarios,” said Felix.

Riva Huang, Country Manager for Canada at KEENON Robotics, mentioned that “We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found exceptional partners in Canada and believe our strong collaborations will facilitate the development of more intelligent products and provide excellent services to our local clientele.”

Throughout 2022, KEENON has achieved significant milestones in the Canadian market and partnered with state-owned enterprise Loto-Québec to successfully create Canada’s first case of autonomous lift-control of the KEENON Butlerbot. Other KEENON milestones involve forming strategic cooperation with SGP Purchasing Partner Network, the largest group purchasing organization in the senior living sector in Canada, and providing services to valued client Mandarin, the largest Chinese buffet franchise in North America. 

Considering the challenges of staffing and high operating costs faced by businesses in the North American market, KEENON Robotics is committed to making every possible effort to enhance the adoption of service robots across different sectors. 

About KEENON Robotics

Founded in 2010, KEENON Robotics is a global, award-winning pioneer in the field of indoor, intelligent, autonomous, service robots. With a dedicated in-house R&D technology team, the company has over 35,000 robots operating in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide. KEENON offers a wide range of safe, reliable, and efficient robotic solutions for various application scenarios, including restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, factories, and so on.