KEENON Robots Excelled at Food & Hospitality Thailand 2023

Teaming with Digital Focus, KEENON Robotics showcased intelligent robotic solutions at Food & Hospitality Thailand (FHT) in Bangkok. FHT's 29th edition remains the foremost international trade exhibition for Thai and regional food and hospitality, providing a platform for KEENON's tailored robotic innovations.


Mr. Enzo Wang, Regional Sales Director at KEENON Robotics said, "We are thrilled to present our key automation solutions. As Thailand's tourism sector rebounds, our robots prove invaluable to local businesses, streamlining daily operations and enhancing efficiency and productivity."

Managing Director of Digital Focus, Mr. Somchai Prajaksoot shared, "We are delighted to showcase KEENON's top delivery and service robots. With diverse robotic options, we aim to empower businesses to explore new avenues for enhancing operations and elevating customer experiences."

The spotlight of the event was on the DINERBOTs and BUTLERBOT. DINERBOTs possess tray-serving capabilities that efficiently assist waitstaff, enabling personalized customer interactions and enhancing service and operational efficiency. Similarly, the BUTLERBOT redefines the guest experience by being a versatile, secure solution for various hospitality tasks, handling errands and room service efficiently. Privacy, safety, and effectiveness are prioritized, seamlessly integrating the robot into a hotel's guest services.

KEENON's robots boast a self-developed, autonomous position and navigation system with sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance. These attributes enable safe, reliable, and efficient services even in complex environments, complemented by a premium after-sales service for ongoing business support.

As KEENON continues its journey, the company places significant emphasis on Thailand's potential for growth and development. Committed to progress, KEENON dedicates itself to introducing a diverse range of robot products and upcoming additions through new launches. These innovations are designed to empower and enhance various industries, including medical, industrial, cleaning, and more.

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About KEENON Robotics

A global leader in commercial service robots and solutions, KEENON Robotics has been at the forefront of the advanced service robot market since 2010 across various sectors, harnessing cutting-edge technologies in robotics and cloud computing. Trusted by businesses worldwide, the company is committed to creating value, fostering innovation, and contributing to industry growth.

About Digital Focus

Established in 2002, Digital Focus Co., Ltd is an importer and distributor of comprehensive IT equipment from international quality brands. The company's team of engineers and professional service technicians design systems and offer consultative services, providing a wide variety of smart solutions to customers.